Total Beauty Primed and Prepped Collection Review

total beauty primed and preppedThe following is a review of the Total Beauty Primed and Prepped mystery collection.  There are spoilers ahead, so if you ordered this collection and don’t want your surprise ruined, please read no further.

This week only, Total Beauty is having a “Warehouse Sale” with all their beauty collections priced at up to 40% off.  You can also take an additional 15% off with the Total Beauty promo code “SAVE15″. You can order as many collections as you like with this discount, but I just ordered the Primed and Prepped collection for $15.30 after the promo code.


Babor Collagen Booster Cream (a $46.25 value).  I fell in love with the Babor brand when I was vacationing in northern Quebec a few years ago.  The Babor Collagen Booster cream didn’t disappoint.  Although I consider the cream to be heavily fragranced, I enjoy the fragrance very much, so I will make an exception for this cream.  In fact, I like the fragrance so much that I would gladly purchase a bottle of it!


IMG_4773I was eager to try the Surya Brasil Sapien (women’s) body moisturizer, which is full-size ($23.50 value).  I haven’t tried anything from the Surya Brasil brand before, but after smelling the delicious, slightly tropical fragrance, and experiencing the quick absorption for the all-natural moisturizer, I am hooked.  I am so pleased with the Surya Brasil Sapien moisturizer, that I am tempted to purchase another Total Beauty box for $15.30.   After visiting the Surya company website, I was thrilled to find out how safe their products are.  Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 3.04.14 PMTake a look at the screenshot (to the right) of the products you won’t find in your Sapien moisturizer.  No alcohol and no EDTA!

The mystery items in the Total Beauty Primed and Prepped box are:

Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil: Full-size $15.95 value.  This oil smells terrible, but it has very good reviews.  I could never use this oil on my face, due to the scent.  I will be trying it on my oldest daughter’s mild eczema on her wrists and hands.  Sea Buckthorn is purported to help clear up dermatitis, rosacea, eczema and eczema.  I have been wanting to try it, but I never realized how badly it smells. Update 1/22/14: The Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is working very well on my daughter’s winter eczema! It does smell bad (she said it smells like hay, maybe a pungent hay that something peed on, but ok).  Nothing else has worked except hydrocortisone which isn’t a great long-term solution for us.  Now I really do wish I had purchased two.  A little does go a long way, and this bottle should last a couple of weeks at least.  My daughter was very skeptical, and woke me up this morning exclaiming that her hands were better!

Saint Germain Paris 5 Colors Eyeshadow Palette: Full-Size $5.99.  The Saint Germain eyeshadow palette contains 5 pretty colors, but there is nastiness lurking inside this pretty (cheap) palette.  I wouldn’t put this on my eyelids, and I wouldn’t recommend any of my readers do either.  Note the country of origin, “PRC”, don’t be fooled, that is the “People’s Republic of China”.


Cures by Avance Hydrating Body Wash: Deluxe Sample $11 value.  For a product that considers itself “hydrating” and “curative”, I was surprised to see sulfates listed as three of the four initial ingredients.  I expect to see sulfates and other cheap, nasty fillers in a $5 body wash, not a $27, 6 fl oz body wash that claims, on the company website to be “A refined blend of Algae Extracts that washes away impurities and hydrates the skin while maintaining skin’s natural pH balance.”.  If you don’t have dry or sensitive skin, then this body wash probably won’t bother you.  I am going to toss it.

I was disappointed disgusted with two of the 3 mystery items, mostly because I am picky about ingredients. Even though the only two products I am very pleased with are the two that had been revealed before I purchased, they have a $70 combined retail value.  I paid $15.30 for this box.  I would still purchase this box even if I knew the mystery contents beforehand.

The Prepped and Primed Total Beauty Collection is still available but act quickly if you are interested, to take advantage of the discount,  and don’t forget to use the promo code SAVE15 at checkout to save an extra 15%.

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